WATCH – Paramount Theatre: ‘We Miss You’

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Abilene’s Paramount Theatre has put together a heartwarming video to show just how much they miss their patrons.

From screening awe-inspiring movies to holding the door for people as they take their seats, theatre staff says they miss every aspect of being part of the community.

Watch the video above for the touching message.

Full Script:

We miss you

Yes, we miss the movies. 

We miss the smell of hot buttery popcorn wafting up from downstairs.

We miss the lights of the marquee sparkling off the little diamonds in the sidewalk.

We miss the house lights slowly going down as the opening credits end. 

But we really miss you.

We miss those delicate little clouds, projected on the ceiling, always drifting lazily pushed by an unseen west wind. 

We miss every sunset in our Spanish courtyard. 

We miss looking up to watch the lights twinkle during that mushy love scene.

But we really miss you.

We miss watching someone mouthing the word “Wow” the first time they walk in. 

We miss hundreds of nervous little girls in ballet slippers. 

We miss your laughter. We miss how you “boo” the bad guy, how you sing along during the musicals, how you clap at the end of every movie. 

We miss walking some of you to “your” seats. You know who you are.

We miss you.

We miss people.

We miss doing all the things you can’t do now.

We miss holding the door for you, patting your back, shaking your hand.

We just miss you.

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