HAWLEY, Texas – A video of a possum walking itself in slow circles near a busy Abilene street quickly snagged the attention of local wildlife rehabbers – less than an hour later, the critter would be at a center receiving care for a head injury.

“We were tagged in it multiple times,” said Jennifer Kleinpeter, owner of Big Country Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Kleinpeter says a fellow rescuer was able to pick up the possum and transport it to her center in Hawley. After that, Kleinpeter says her team confirmed the possum had undergone head trauma but could make a full recovery after some rest and medical attention.

“In a couple weeks to a month she’ll be back in the wild where she belongs,” said Kleinpeter.

The center’s volunteers say the critter’s journey is a good example of what to do when coming across a seemingly-injured animal. Those that contacted the center did not panic or kill the animal to end its strange behavior but called local experts.

“We always recommend [finders] to call for further instructions,” said Kleinpeter.

Center rehabber Jan Sanchez seconds the idea that staying calm is crucial in scenarios like this one – acting irrationally could cost a life.

“It’s better to learn to coexist with the animals and to know what to do if you’re faced with an animal,” said Sanchez, the recovering possum lounging in her lap “Most people’s first reaction is fear but as you can see this is a very docile animal and she just wants to go her way.”

The possum, Kleinpeter says, is recovering well – she estimates she will be ready for release back into the wild anywhere from 2 weeks to a month from now.

To get in touch with the Big Country Wildlife Rehabilitation Center visit its Facebook page at this link or its website.