ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – There is a potential buyer for the million-dollar Abilene home that could be demolished before it’s even finished.  

This 11,000-square-foot home has been sitting in the Vaquero Ranch neighborhood off La Hacienda Drive unfinished for almost three years. During the Board of Building Standards meeting on July 5, what appears to be good news for residents in the neighborhood was discussed.  

“I’m happy to report, we now have a contract,” Charlie Self, attorney for homeowners, said at the meeting. “With a 60-day close, the hopeful – hopefully new owner is an entity by the name of Speedy Sell Estates, LLC.” 

However, the attorney for the homeowner’s association of Vaquero Ranch is skeptical. 

“I’ve got some problems in that the entity that is shown to be the buyer, Speedy Sell Estates, LLC, is not shown to be a legal entity in the state of Texas at the Secretary of State’s office,” said Tom Choate. 

Choate added that he could not find the man who signed the contract on behalf of the company. Not only is this concerning, but he is worried about the contract itself. 

“This contract is not enforceable in its current form,” Choate explained because certain fees required to be in the contract are not listed. 

Due to this, the board has pushed back voting, yet again, on whether or not this home that is not up to code should be demolished. 

The board tabled the issue for 30 days until the next meeting, allowing more time for the contract to be solidified. 

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