Prepping your car for hazardous road conditions


ABILENE TEXAS (KTAB/KRBC)- Texans and snow don’t mix well historically and with the winter conditions coming up this weekend we reached out to local automotive and transportation experts to get you prepared for the roads should you need to go out this weekend.

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As of Thursday (7/21) the Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) has been treating tier one and tier two roads with a brine mixture. This mixture cant stop water from freezing but it does hinder the ice from sticking to the ground. Even so drivers should exercise caution with every speed up, stop, and turn.

In especially Icy areas you should be driving at least 5 miles under the speed limit, more if needed. Due to reduced ability to break you should begin breaking earlier than usual. Ice can also freeze to the breaks making it even more difficult to stop.

But all of that happens once you’re on the road. before getting in your car here is a mental checklist you can run though courtesy of Jimmy Campbell, owner of Procter Automotive

  1. Make sure your car is full of gas to avoid running out at the worst time possible.
  2. Check your anti-freeze level and refill if needed.
  3. Make sure your Windshield wiper fluid is not just water. If it is it could freeze and bust the bottle.
  4. Break up any ice and snow around your windshield wipers before turning them on to avoid wearing on the motors or busting a wiper.
  5. Inflate your tires to the correct pressure (PSI) which can be found in your drivers manual or on the inner panel of the drivers side door.

And here’s a list of things to keep in your car incase of emergency

  1. Blanket and water incase of prolonged time spent in the car or on the side of the road.
  2. Jumper Cables to quickly get yourself or others batteries back in working order.
  3. If you rely on medications, bring more than you need in the event you become stranded.
  4. ice scraper and defrosting fluid to clear your windows of ice and snow.

Of course all of these potential dangers can be avoided by staying home if possible. To check road conditions and a real time look at accidents in your area check

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