ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Some Abilene residents are speaking out about the entrance of Westgate Mobile Home Park on Pioneer Drive being so full of potholes that many companies will not deliver there, and CityLink drivers are having a hard time picking up their clients with disabilities. 

When it rains, the deep potholes are covered in water, and drivers cannot tell how bad it is. 

“It’s basically the equivalent of a rollercoaster,” says Ivey Lightfoot, resident of the mobile home park. 

“It’s tearing people’s cars up,” says another resident, Gabriel Hendry. 

Some people have to go through this every day just to get home, scared of potentially damaging their vehicles every time. 

Hendry has already seen some damage to his vehicle. 

“We’ve had to change five tires,” says Hendry. “We’ve never had that problem until the flooding here.” 

Another resident, Gilbert Montez, has had to get his suspension checked on his vehicle several times because of this road. 

“I’m guessing those are probably the worst roads here in Abilene,” says Montez. 

He mentions it is pointless for him to wash his car while the road is like this. 

However, residents’ vehicles are not the only problem. CityLink has had trouble getting to their paratransit clients as well. 

“At some point, it might get so bad that it’s not safe for us to bring our vans through there,” says Don Green, Abilene’s Director of Transportation Services. 

Green says they have reached out to the property owner to request getting this road fixed, but since it is private property, the city cannot step in to fix it. 

Hendry says he has also seen emergency vehicles having difficulties getting through there. 

“It took an ambulance and a firetruck more than five minutes to get passed [the entrance] to over here because of the front,” says Hendry. 

These residents are wanting the road fixed so drivers can get home and deliveries can be made with ease, as many have also mentioned pizza delivery drivers unable to deliver in their area due to the road. 

KTAB/KRBC also reached out to the property management company who said they would get in contact with the owner, but we have not yet gotten a response.