ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Porcupines are known to climb trees, and the professionals at Big Country Wildlife Rehab are no strangers to removing them when their presence poses a problem. But the specific timing and location this Porcupine found itself in… Well, it’s a first.

“So, we actually got called from the dental office (Familia Dental) here that there’s a porcupine been stuck in the tree of the HEB parking lot for three days,” began Big Country Wildlife Rehab Board Secretary, Sam Townsend.

The prickly parking lot patron is in no danger, Townsend assured KTAB/KRBC. In fact, porcupines are great climbers and trees provide perfect access to all their needs. As Big County Wildlife Rehab Veterinarian Celeste Hill confirmed.

“She could evaluate that he is healthy, he’s got plenty of food, water… The leaves that he eats actually provide him with water, so he’s not dehydrated,” Townsend explained.

While the animal has a clean bill of health, that does little to appease his riled-up roommates. The birds that usually occupy that tree made it known that they aren’t happy with their new neighbor.

“The birds are getting very aggressive,” said Townsend. “We think it might be because he’s up there and they have their nests up there.”

Even with the help of the Abilene Fire Department, they were unable to remove this rodent from his perch. The porcupine apparently climbed even higher when officials attempted to grab him.

No matter, Townsend and Dr. Hill said, with the stir they’ve caused around it, the porcupine will likely leave on its own over the next few days.

“The only concern is if he’s out here, motoring around and there’s traffic,” Dr. Hill added.

If you find yourself in the Abilene HEB parking lot, be on the lookout for the animal and notify HEB security so they can go through the proper channels to get it home safely.