SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A new nonprofit in Sweetwater is offering prom dresses, shoes, and even a makeover to high school girls in Nolan County who can’t afford to make their prom night special. So far, the community has donated dozens of dresses.  

As prom season nears, many high school girls are already dreaming out their perfect prom dress.

“Next to your wedding day, your prom dress is going to be the dress you remember for the rest of your life,” said Kathleen Cox, committee member of the nonprofit and former KRBC Anchor.

The PROMise Room is located inside nonprofit, Nurture Nolan, which helps children who are removed from their home.

“We’ve received numerous questions from other members of the community asking if Nurture Nolan provided prom dresses or the prom experience to help them meet that need, and we didn’t,” Samantha Morrow, vice president of Nurture Nolan, explained.

Since this was being asked so frequently, one Nurture Nolan volunteer stepped up to create this nonprofit, providing prom dresses, shoes, and even a makeover for free.

Cox told KTAB/KRBC she still remembers her prom dresses and loves them, and she wants other girls to feel the same way.

Sweetwater High School’s counselor, Amy Clark, said the PROMise Room will be helpful for students, because said she’s noticed more students asking questions like, “Do I get groceries or do I get a prom dress?”

Clark said these concerns are mainly because of inflation, and students usually do not want to feel like a burden to their families.

“It’s really going to eliminate that fear and worry of ‘can I go to prom?’ And it’s going to turn it into a celebration,” added Clark.

Through the PROMise room, girls will be able to get that authentic spring formal experience, helping those who are facing economic hardship with a free dress confidentially.

“The dress, the shoes, the purse, the makeup. All of the things you think of when you think of the all encompassing prom experience,” Cox expanded. “Their family doesn’t have to worry about spending a single penny on any of that stuff, and all of the stress is lifted. The burden is lifted, and leave it all to us to provide that experience.” 

The PROMise Room asked the community to help through social media, and they were overwhelmed by the dozens of dresses they received.

Because the community of Sweetwater donated dozens of these dresses, so many more girls will be able to attend prom in May.

“One of our racks started tipping over because we have so many dresses,” shared Cox.

Cox said the nonprofit has received so many dress donations that what they really need now is monetary donations to buy a new dress if they do not have the size a girl is needing. Otherwise, they are in need of dress donations size 10 and larger.

Follow this link to learn how to receive one of these dresses, how to donate, and more.