ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna will propose turning downtown into an entertainment district at this Thursday’s city council meeting. 

Council will be talking about giving residents money back after the unprecedented winter storm, helping Wylie ISD get some new water lines, and what residents would like to see in Abilene in the future.

First let’s get to your water bill. 

The council may approve a resolution to offer residents who had a leak during the winter storm a credit of two units of water. 

“That’s $11.10 per customer account that’s going to be applied to about 41,764 customer accounts. It’s going to cost the city about $482,000 to do that,” said City Manager Robert Hanna. 

Those who had a serious leak can show their plumbing receipts to the city, who will then work with them directly.

The city will also be partnering with Wylie ISD to bring them a new water line.  

The new line would cost about $266,000 from the utility fund, but is expected to save the city money in the long run. 

And speaking of the long run, residents will have the ability to choose what the City of Abilene will look like for the next 20 years. 

Yes, we’re talking about the comprehensive plan. 

If you’ve ranted about something you didn’t like about the city on Facebook, you can now put those grievances into the Comprehensive Virtual Open House survey

“What it is, is a drag and drop. There’s pictures there. What do you want to see the most of, what is the last thing on your list? As far as you right now, if you can tell the City of Abilene what you want, you want better parks? OK parks are at the top,” said Cheryl Sawyers, planning services manager. 

So, if you want better streets, maybe nicer sidewalks, or you kids want to see some better playgrounds, they can fill out the survey too.

The link will be available until March 15.  

The entertainment district proposal would allow people going to breweries or wineries downtown to walk around with their beverages in hand and to go to the next restaurant or shop. 

“This isn’t license for a frat party. If done well, which it can be done well, this is an opportunity for responsible adults to walk around responsibly,” said Hanna. 

Hanna will propose this item to the city council and if they are interested, then Hanna would appoint a small business task force to include business owners and city leaders to create a plan moving forward. 

This plan would also streamline the process for downtown restaurants to have patio dining. 

The exciting part is you’ll get a say. 

Items like this have to go through city council three times, so while Thursday’s meeting is the first time, the next two council meetings will allow citizens to attend and give their input.  

What do you think?