Protecting Against Predators: Common way predators target your children


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) — In this week’s Protecting Against Predators segment, presented by OSI Security and JM4 Dimensions, Sgt. Jason Haak discusses a common way predators target your children.

Child sex predators will sign up to join social media apps that are popular with children by using fake profiles.

They themselves will often times pretend to be a child to build a friendship with your child and use this relationship to lure your child into private chats.

Once in the private chat room, predators will begin to get to know your child more intimately, further building a bond with them. These predators will make your child believe they are the only ones in this world who understands them and is there for them. You will eventually be made the enemy.

Predators will begin to ask your child for pictures. As time progresses they begin to ask your child for nude images. This can and often will lead to pornographic videos being made.

Once the bond is strong enough they will start talking your child into meeting them for sexual purposes. Often times the child will feel they have gone too far to turn back as they do not want to disappointing their new “friend.”

Your child will eventually meet up with the predator and be put in the scariest situation of their lives, as they find out the person on the other end of the chat was much older than what was portrayed.

Most don’t even want to meet, they just want to collect nude images of your child to share with the others like them.

Please pay attention to who your child is chatting with online.

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