Following the arrest made in the murder of Hailey Dunn, according to a private investigator, we are recapping the case from the beginning.

December of 2010 was the last time anyone saw Hailey Dunn alive. As the years have passed, few details have been revealed.

The story began the day Hailey was supposed to come home from a sleepover. When she didn’t return, a report was filed, kicking off a years-long search. However, private investigator Erica Morse said in a January 2019 interview that the sleepover was never real.

“They had no plans for Hailey to go there that night. Her mother was interviewed. There were no plans for those girls to have a sleepover”, asserted Morse.

The next chapter of the story occurs in March of 2013, when human remains were discovered near Lake JB Thomas in Scurry County. The next month, it was announced that the remains had been positively identified as belonging to Hailey.

It wouldn’t be until January 2017, nearly four years later, that Hailey would be finally laid to rest. In the intervening years, Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend of Hailey’s mother, would be the only person named by investigators as a person of interest.

Adkins has maintained his innocence, and in an interview early in the process, in 2011, he begged for Hailey to come home.

“Hailey, I hope you come home safe really soon. You’ve been gone way too long. We all miss you, and we all love you.”

The only arrest in the case is not Adkins, but of Hailey’s mother, Billie. Police accused her of lying about Shawn’s whereabouts. That arrest came in 2011. Over the near-decade since then, Billie has wanted answers, too.

“I feel sadness over not feeling her home yet, I feel anger over not having an arrest yet, I feel anger over somebody not having any remorse to confess”, said Dunn in 2016.

On June 14, 2021, Adkins was arrested on a Murder charge. He was placed under arrest in Howard County on a $2 million bond. Details were not immediately released as to what led to the arrest.