ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Becky Almanza’s faith fuels her passion for making sure others are fed. That drive to make sure no one goes without, started at a young age.

“For my wife, the fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action- which is what she does,” Joe Almanza said for his partner.

Joe says his wife’s inspiration to make ends meet began by watching her mother, who could stretch food to make sure her 13 children were all fed.

“When you have 13 children, you think about ‘how am I going to put enough food on the table,'” Joe explained. “My wife tells me a story about how she would take a piece of chicken and she could cut it up into 35 pieces, and make 35 pieces of fried chicken.”

Almanza is currently the director of the Highland Food Pantry, and the Chairman of the Abilene Big Country Hunger Coalition – that passion project an inspiration to her husband, Joe.

The hunger coalition began in 2018, with Almanza leading the charge among several organizations, to fill the three-week long gap when Abilene ISD halts its summer feeding program and when the school year begins.

In four years of operation, Almanza has helped grow the programs hosts sites by more than triple its starting sites.

“We started out with just three host sites, now that’s 11,” Becky said. “And in 2018, we served just 11-hundred meals. But just this last summer, we fed over 11-thousand curbside meals.”

Almanza is humble, reluctant to regard her service as “remarkable.” However, with this nomination, she is in the spotlight for her selflessness. Her successful mission of feeding the hungry; she’ll only credit as a team sport.

“It’s not just one person doing it solo, it’s a team effort all across the city of Abilene. And that’s what’s really, really satisfying,” Almanza added.

Throughout the month of March, four finalists will be featured on KTAB news at 6, the announcement of the winner of this year’s Remarkable Women contest to come later this month.