ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Back in November, Camie Garvey walked in to her downtown business shocked to find it vandalized. Garvey had something else in mind, in lieu of pressing charges.

With black and white paint streaking the floors in huge swaths and a painted smiley face slapped onto one pristine wall, the shock of the vandalism did not crack Garvey’s own smile. It just pushed her to seek a more enlightened resolution.

Garvey offered free yoga classes to the teen vandals and their parents. While they declined the offer, Garvey says the proposal was indeed the higher road to take.

“That’s the great part about yoga is it teaches you to become aware and think ahead and not be reactionary,” said Garvey. “I did that and thought about what good [pressing charges] would do down the road.”

Garvey is a finalist for this year’s Remarkable Women contest, nominated by her employee Ashley Rust. Rust recalled when the vandalism happened, and said the grace her boss showed the two teens was impressive.

“Naturally you get upset when those things happen because they’re out of your control,” said Rust. “And instead of fueling the fire she said you know what these boys need more help.”

Throughout the month of March four finalists will be featured on KTAB news at 6, the announcement of the winner of this year’s Remarkable Women contest to come later this month.