STAMFORD, Texas (KTAB) – Author, mother and cancer survivor Callie Metler-Smith is writing her life’s story one day at a time.

Metler-Smith grew up in Stamford where she now lives and operates The Stamford American, making her the fifth-generation of her family to own a print news publication.

“It started in 2009. The Stamford American had closed and I decided I wanted to purchase it and reopen it,” said Metler-Smith.

Metler-Smith’s love for words extends beyond her weekly periodical. In 2013 she began Clear Fork Media Group which publishes books, several of which she’s written.

“It just felt like a natural progression because I loved writing,” said Metler-Smith.

Along with being a mother and journalist, Metler-Smith is also a cancer survivor.

“On March 7th of last year I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer,” said Metler-Smith.

Callie spent the past year fighting the disease and taking a step back from her business but never fully stepping away.

“I knew I would be too tired to cover something so I’d need someone else to do it for me,” said Metler-Smith.

Callie’s mother Gayle said watching her daughter fight her battle wasn’t easy, but even so she gained a new appreciation for her daughter because of it.

“You have to savor each day that you have,” said Gayle.

Being thankful for each day is also a lesson Callie learned from her cancer journey as well.

“That process taught me a lot about enjoying what’s here right now. I’m still the same Callie but I’m a better Callie,” said Metler-Smith.