ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month, people in Abilene are remembering the life of the barrier breaking hispanic singer, Selena.

This year marks 25 years since the iconic singer Selena’s life was taken away.

“There were vigils here at Sears park, Sweetwater. You saw cars with shoe polish, R.I.P Selena. We love you Selena,” says Greg Jaklewicz, editor for Abilene Reporter News.

Jaklewicz says Selena had several performances at Abilene clubs and even the convention center.

“They didn’t dance, they just were there and they just wanted to touch her. They’d put out their hand and because she was so Texan and even West Texan she knew the names. She goes ‘How many people here from Haskell? How many people from Sweetwater’,”says Jaklewicz.

“I grew up listening to all the guys but she spoke spanish, she sang. It was one of those that my dad would listen with us it was in spanish,” says Erika Sanchez who grew up listening to Selena.

For many people her music still transcends today’s culture.

“Her fashion, her sense of style, a lot of the dancing that she did its still around today. Whenever we get together, all of a sudden the music comes on. You know there is going to be a couple tracks of selena,” says Sanchez.

Selena’s distinct, look, sound and personality often imitated but never duplicated.

“They spoke spanish and I didn’t understand them. They’re like ‘Selena, Selena’ and just pointing at me. I was like swimming and I was like ‘I’m looking for my parents’ and I think that was the very first time I ever heard this little girl looks like Selena,” says Maxine Hinojosa.

Hinojosa was the winner of a Selena look alike contest in San Antonio.

“I was so nervous. I saw all these people just standing on the stage. I just smiled and waved and kind of did a little twirl. Nothing crazy and people just went crazy,” says Hinoja.

Whether you’re a fan or just a proud texan its hard to ignore the legacy Selena created during her short career.