BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For nearly 100 years, one Breckenridge building has stood head and shoulders above the rest. Dominating the skyline of this Stephens County town is the First National Bank of Albany building, formerly known as the Burch Hotel.

“We’re proud of the building and what it means to the Big Country,” said Bank President, Kevin Simmons.

The Big Country landmark was damaged during a hailstorm last May. The structures owners used this moment as an opportunity to give the building a facelift of sorts, according to Simmons. The green metal cap that was added in the 70s was replaced, and the roof was restored from years of wear and tear on top of damage sustained during the storm.

“We’re going back to the original 70s look… but it was weathered due to the hail storm it was beaten up. To the point where it was time,” Simmons explained.

This is the first major renovation the building has seen since its conversion from a hotel to a bank in the early 70s. Simmons said all history buffs can rest at ease as the iconic ‘B’ sign will remain in place.

“Yeah the ‘B’ will not go… I think there would be a large public outcry if whoever was in the bank building decided to do away with the ‘B’ itself,” Simmons shared.

He said, weather permitting, the project should last about two months from the start of construction last week. Well in time for the ‘B’ to be lit up for the Breckenridge Buckaroos’ first football victory next season.

“We light it for all the football victories period… for various track victories any sports victories that we can to acknowledge our local students,” said Simmons. “When you’re the biggest building in town you want to be a good steward of it.”

Buckaroos is actually what the ‘B’ stands for. Yet another symbol of local pride continuing to shine bright. In that same vein Simmons said First National is using all local contractors to do the restoration.