Editor’s Note: KTAB and KRBC are choosing to withhold the identity of the second suspect accused in this crime because he has not yet been arrested.

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A suspect accused of being involved with a group conducting self-checkout scams nationwide has been arrested in Abilene.

Richard Corbett was taken into custody Friday on two counts of Aggregate Theft in connection to the scam.

Court documents state Corbett and another suspect were caught on camera conducting a form of “short change” scam using self-checkouts at two United Supermarkets locations in Abilene in September 2022.

The men are accused of entering both stores, getting cash back at the self-checkouts, then claiming they never received the cash, eventually getting more than $80 from each location after convincing the clerks they never received their cashback funds.

Police were able to eventually identify the suspects from footage that showed them leaving in a vehicle that was registered to Corbett, according to the documents.

Investigators then learned these men are accused of traveling around Texas and also other states to conduct similar self-checkout scams.

During a subsequent phone interview in May 2023, the documents state Corbett admitted to committing the thefts.

No further information has been released.