ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Texas Cowboy BBQ is on the up and up after the recent episode featuring the restaurant aired on Food Network, and Robert Irvine’s updated menu has drawn quite the crowd to the North Abilene barbecue joint.

George and his wife, Taylor, have owned and operated Texas Cowboy BBQ since December of 2018. The couple told KTAB/KRBC the restaurant had some highs and lows over the last few years, and ultimately, they were in need of a helping hand. The Restaurant: Impossible team reached out to George, expressing interest in helping Texas Cowboy BBQ.

Restaurant: Impossible arrived to film the episode on March 22. That was when Robert Irvine met George and Taylor, and began the renovations and overhaul of the restaurant. The couple said that what was shown in the episode was very accurate to what actually happened and are very pleased with how their story was told, adding that it was done in a very respectful manner.

“We’re really happy with how the episode turned out,” Taylor said.

The episode originally aired on June 30, and the next broadcast of the episode will be Thursday, July 14 at 8:00 a.m. (7:00 Central) on Food Network.

George and Taylor said the initial reaction to the renovation and changes were mixed as several customers came in expecting the old Texas Cowboy BBQ with its original menu. Some customers tried the new menu items, others stuck to the more classic items.

After the episode aired, however, customers have been eagerly wanting to try Robert Irvine’s new menu items and the reviews have reportedly been great. They have added some of their former top sellers back to the menu, including meat plates and their BBQ stuffed baked potato.

The couple said the feedback they have been getting is increasingly positive. Things have been looking up for the once struggling restaurant.

“We’ve had a lot of new customers come in here, they’re showing support,” George added. “Telling us about the show and that they saw it, and they’re liking the food and renovations. I think so far they’re happy.”

Texas Cowboy BBQ is located at 1881 North Treadaway Boulevard, and is open Sunday through Saturday. Click here to visit the restaurant’s webpage and see updated hours of operation.