ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Storm clouds hung over the Taylor County Expo Center Monday as Carnival Americana got to work in setting up the midway attractions that Taylor County fairgoers will soon enjoy. Carnival manager, Alan Cockerham said the weather, luckily enough, didn’t make too much of a difference in their work.

“It really isn’t hampering our set up at all,” Cockerham said. “Showers come and go but we’re still making a lot of progress.”

Overcast skies are, in fact, par for the course for fair grounds set up in Abilene, according to Cockerham. So much so that he wasn’t expecting the rain to have much effect on turnout.

“I think people are accustomed to coming out and getting a little rain shower here and there. I think in fact they welcome it,” said Cockerham. “It keeps the temperatures down and people are used to it.”

This mentality proved true in at least one potential customer. Ramiro Lara told KTAB/KRBC he’s lived in Abilene all his life and comes to the fair every year. He said a little rain isn’t going to discourage him from reliving some of the great memories he holds there.

“Man, my dad brought us here, it was a good time,” Lara recalled. “Things change but they’re getting better.”

Now, new memories await those who attend this year, said Cockerham, as an extra Ferris wheel has been set up on the far end of the Midway.

“We actually have two giant Ferris wheels on the midway, which is very unique… And is gonna give people a chance to view the midway from up high and above the carnival from both directions,” Cockerham explained.

While some rides may close temporarily, pending lightning and thunder, the show will go on no matter what – Carnival Americana staff assured.

“We’re gonna be open day in, day out, rain or shine,” Cockerham promised.

Updates on the fair schedule and ride closings can be seen on the West Texas Fair & Rodeo Facebook page.