RISING STAR, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Monty Jones has been appointed as the Acting Superintendent after the Rising Star ISD Board of Trustees approved Robby Stuteville’s resignation.

In January, a third-grade student found Stuteville’s firearm in the bathroom and immediately told a teacher. Parents said they did not receive a notification shortly after the event and expressed concerns at a meeting earlier this month. Many agreed that they were not happy about being left in the dark about this incident.

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On February 23, the board of trustees held a meeting to decide how to move forward. The board accepted Stuteville’s resignation and appointed Monty Jones to be the Acting Superintendent.

The board did not comment on if there are any pending criminal charges against Stuteville or other staff members involved in this incident. More information is expected to come at a meeting in the next couple of weeks and this incident remains under investigation.