RISING STAR, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Rising Star Police Chief was forced to resign after the District Attorney’s Office started refusing to accept cases from him.

District Attorney Russ Thomason, along with two Assistant District Attorneys, called a meeting with Rising Star city officials Monday to inform them that his office would no longer be accepting cases from Chief Wayne Edgin.

Mayor Jim Carpenter says, “the District Attorney made it very clear that the reasoning behind his decision was very justified and there would be no rescinding it.”

Since a police officer can’t perform his duties if he can’t file cases with the DA’s office, Chief Edgin was given the option to resign or face discipline by the city council.

Chief Edgin then tendered his resignation effective Tuesday.

City Council is set to accept the resignation at their next meeting on July 27.

The City of Rising Star released the following statement in light of these events:

The City of Rising Star is in the process of reviewing ways to strengthen the support system available to our Chief of Police and officers. The security and well-being of our residents is at the pinnacle of importance.
We are extremely grateful to the efforts of our most recent Chief of Police in helping us identify community needs and a broad range of topics which warrant on going quality assurance efforts. There is nothing negative which comes out of a separation of ways regarding our police department of ways regarding our police department of the future.

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