STRAWN TEXAS (KTAB/KRBC)- It was 1943 when the school bell rang for the final time at the Robinson schoolhouse. It was only in operation for 6 years first opening in 1937. At the time there was a public school option in Strawn city limits but the ranchers and farmers thought the Taxes required to attend that district were too high. A rancher by the name of Guy U. Robinson led his neighbors to petition the county for a new common school district.

Upon receiving the greenlight the neighbors got to work. A local Farmer, Leo Ankenbauer deeded two acres of land for the school where carpenter, Bill Roberson and Brick mason, W. Proctor constructed the building that same year.

The first class was headed up by Ms. Mona Andrews, a Strawn high school graduate. Though the first year only saw eight students that would be the largest class ever to attend. In its six years the schoolhouse saw four other teaches and in its final year only two students enrolled.

From 1943 to 1962 the house sat vacant until it was bought by the Hinkson family who still own it today. Though they used it as a Hay storage building for many years they are proud to have it stand as a museum and time capsule of this iconic time in American history, It was in the late 1990’s that the Development Corporation of Strawn along with the Strawn Historical Association and the Brazos foundation renovated the building to a historical approximation of what it may have looked like in its heyday.

The research and accuracy were handled entirely by Pauline Mitchell. It was her inquiry and effort that the schoolhouse was recognized as a historical landmark in November of 2001.

To schedule a tour of the schoolhouse you can call the Strawn Historical Museum Association at (254)-672-5311.