ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As the Air Force celebrates its 75th anniversary, Dyess Air Force Base Airmen show off their innovations and technical advancements, including two unmanned vehicles named Chase and Cerberus.

The 75 pound “dogs,” arrived at Dyess three weeks ago and Staff Sargent Hancock displayed “Chase” alongside members of the security team.

Hancock said “These are not intended to take over the canine dogs, we love our dogs and they’re very effective. These are an extra layer of security force.”

They intend to use these robotic dogs to help patrol the base and alert when something harmful is detected. This will lower the manpower needed to patrol, allowing airmen to tackle other jobs. They plan to add on to the features such as upgrading stair climbing abilities, wall climbing and become salt-water proof.

Hancock said “innovation is one of the big things here at Dyess Air Force Base and our team and commander here have done a great job at finding innovative ways to progress.”

Security is not the only group that is innovating, all over the base new things are happening such as a new sign to put at the front gates (built from the Fabrication Flight), upgraded uniforms plates and inventing better replacement parts for planes. The Dyess EOD Airmen also showed KTAB/KRBC the upgraded bomb suits Dyess received last week.

The bomb suits have “A lot more sleeker, slimmer, lightweight design with even more protection. It has an advanced electronics package that controls a lot of features: wrist control, the fan, the microphone, the speakers, the light system and a stop watch and timer,” said an Airmen.

Over these past few year, Dyess AFB and the entire Air Force has made significant advancements in many areas and plan for more innovations in the years to come.