Robotics program helps prepare students for life beyond high school


Abilene, TX (KTAB/KRBC)- On Saturday, students from all across West Texas gathered to see who’s robots would reign supreme at the VEX Robotics Competition. ATEMS High School was hosting the event, and their goal is more than winning the tournament, they believe their program and training for tournaments like this can help their students prepare for the rest of their lives.

“I think that ATEMS High School is the best high school in the world”, said former ATEMS student Nathan Bryce.

“I can go into the engineering lab every single day, and I am directly applying the things that we are learning in our math classes, in our engineering classes. Most people might take a class and they might learn how gear ratios work, but they never actually sit down with real gears and say how do I make this work”, said ATEMS senior Nolan Henderson.

Some student who helped build the robotics program at ATEMS why they were in high school, are proud of what the program has become and how much progress is being made in the state of Texas, and nationwide. “It’s cool to see it still happening, and see them even go further into it than just competing, but actually hosting an event. I think that’s super cool”, said ATEMS Alum Angel Porter.

The robotics program at ATEMS gives those who participate a chance to try something they might be good at, and even set up goals for the rest of their lives.

“I have now been focusing on learning to do better at the actual mechanical building, because personally that’s what really entertains me, and I want to be able to go forward and really work with robotics for the rest of my life”, said Nolan Henderson.

“Second semester freshman year I was on the VEX team and loved it. It totally inspired me to pursue engineering and just like changed the course of my ideal career, and like the course of my life”, said Nathan Bryce.

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