ROSCOE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — While many schools in the area may have been closed or suspended indefinitely, Roscoe Collegiate School District is a full go for classes for this semester. Of course a very careful and educated decision is being made by the district and they are being careful with the coronavirus outbreak. Superintendent Kim Alexander explained the careful process they are taking.

“Here in Roscoe, what we’re trying to do is we’ve been on daily zoom conference with the commissioner, who is in daily contact with the center for disease control, the CDC. We’re trying to identify that protocol,” Alexander says.

While Roscoe is going forward with a normal schedule and having classes, they’re also not opposed to closing school if coronavirus spreads closer and becomes a bigger problem in the area. The district is in close contact with its students and parents as they learn more moving forward.

“We’re trying to assess that, we got some folks that are in self-imposed quarantine for 14 days,” Alexander said. “We’re following that protocol and we’ll assess that situation at the end of 14 days. In the meantime, we encourage folks who are ill, don’t come to school and we’re just trying to follow this protocol by CDC and see where it leads.”