SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — The San Angelo Jeep Club has been assisting staff at Shannon get to work amidst rapidly declining conditions due to the winter weather sweeping across the city.

According to James Bartlett, President of the San Angelo Jeep Club, the club has been around since 2019 and has grown to almost 800 members since then. In their first year, Bartlett told CVHP staff the city asked for the club’s assistance moving folks to the warming centers and they assisted Meals for the Elderly with their deliveries. 

Bartlet said the inspiration behind continuing this act of service came from the 2021 winter storm when Texas faced record-low temperatures where snow and ice made roads impassable across the state.

“We really just feel that as a large club with so many diverse members, that it was the right thing to do, ” said Bartlett, “We have members in law enforcement, dispatch, military/veterans, etc and we all feel the need to assist our fellow San Angeloans.”

San Angelo was no exception to the 2021 storm but the Jeep Club was there to help Angeloans through it then and is here to help with the winter storm of January 2023.

“It’s important to show that we are all together and need to help our fellow man in tough times,” said Bartlett, “I’d hope it inspires others to come together and assist in any way they can.”

At this time the San Angelo Jeep Club is only available to assist hospital staff within San Angelo.