ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Chuck E. Cheese in Abilene is promoting Sensory Sensitive Sundays for children with disabilities. 

The lights, the sounds, and the crowded space can be overwhelming for a child with a disability. 

This has left Jamie Thomas and her son, Hunter, searching for accommodations. 

“I didn’t want to go anywhere,” she says. “Wherever we went, I left embarrassed, head down, and in tears.” 

But now, Chuck E. Cheese has created a space to accommodate those needs. 

“We felt like that was a need here,” says Chris Futrelle, general manager of Chuck E. Cheese Abilene. 

In the store, the televisions can be muted, and the games can be turned down. Lights can also be dimmed to help create a better atmosphere. 

“It helps us create a better, more sensitive environment in our location,” says Futrelle. 

He explains that they have had this event for two years, but they are now doing it more frequently. 

“We actually requested to do Sensory Sunday here more,” he says. 

Thomas says that this is good for her son and herself, as well. 

“Parents of children with disabilities, we want to promote inclusion, and parents can benefit from that too,” says Thomas. 

She says that the time and the day is challenging for mothers to bring their children, but “just the fact that they’re making the effort to accommodate is fantastic,” she says. 

Futrelle explains that he is unsure if this could be changed in the future. 

“Sunday mornings are one of our easier days to schedule that event,” says Futrelle. 

For now, Thomas hopes that these days can create a community for children with disabilities and their mothers. 

“We all need a little village,” says Thomas. 

Sensory Sensitive Sundays are held on the first Sunday of every month from 9:00am-11:0am. If your child needs certain accommodations, you can tell the employees when you arrive.  

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