ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Before getting to the evening’s agenda of its school board meeting, the Wylie School Board held an open forum for the public. During which, Dina Warren, a Wylie Parent and Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Abilene Christian University (ACU), brought up alarming allegations of sexual assault among the student body.

“I have to bring something to the board that my daughter, who is a high schooler at Wylie, has brought to me,” Warren began. “She is scared for herself and for other girls at that school. She’s had a friend who was raped in the parking lot at that school.”

One of two incidents Warren mentioned, though neither have been confirmed, had been given response by Wylie ISD, according to Warren. But this parent said it’s not enough to put the matter to rest.

“She is afraid if something happens to her, that nobody will stand up for her- that nobody in the school will care that that happened to her,” Warren explained.

As a grad student and parent, Warren said this is a concern she hopes to see remedied.

“I am working on my doctorate in traumatology and I know what traumatic experiences do to our young ones.”

In a statement on the alleged incidents, Wylie ISD told Big Country Homepage:

“The district and law enforcement has conducted investigations regarding these sexual assault allegations and have responded in accordance with law and district policy. We always encourage students and staff who have information regarding alleged incidents to report to our administration or our school resource officer.”


Warren closed her time by asking the district to consider investing in a more involved response to sexual assault cases.

One board member remarked that an investigation is in order, addressing Superintendent Joey Light to report on the matter promptly.

Big Country Homepage will have more on this story as details develop.