CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Cisco seventh grader, Autumn Fought is and always has been an athlete. When an in utero spinal stroke complicated her early development, affecting the use of her legs, that didn’t slow her down one bit.

“I had legs before, but I couldn’t use them, and they were hurting me,” Autumn said.

At the age of just three years old, Autumn had to undergo a bilateral amputation, removing both her legs. Five years later, she said she found her calling out on the court. Basketball and athletic pursuits quickly became her focus from then on.

“I tried out and our team won,” bragged Autumn.

This triumph for Autumn turned into a taste of victory that hasn’t left her sight since. Cisco Basketball and Track Coach, Kelsie Wagner told KTAB/KRBC Autumn has always been a competitor.

“She’s fearless. She’s really athletic and strong,” Wagner boasted about her athlete. “She’s just one of those kids you love to coach.”

Wagner said Autumn reaches for new heights now that she’s able to join the school athletics program, “She started in June doing the strength and conditioning program in the summer, and in July is when we got her racer.”

Autumn’s ‘racer’ is a specialized wheelchair that helps her on the track. Although it’s been a bit of a chore to get used to it, she is making progress quickly.

In early February, Autumn attended the Texas Regional Para Sport Track and Field Training Camp. There, she was able to get tips and support from former Paralympians and meet aspiring athletes like herself.

“It inspires me because I didn’t know what to do and how to get better at what I do,” added Autumn.

Wagner was able to use her connections to get Autumn to the camp. From there, organization staff worked out a way to get the racer back to Cisco, ensuring Autumn would be able to train every day.

Now, Autumn said she looks forward to para-athlete competitions in Dallas and all over Texas. A whole world opened up thanks to the kindness of those around her, and her unending determination.