Skip the egg supplier; raise your own chickens


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – So, you’ve decided you want to raise a chicken that lays its own eggs, Jessica Jackson poultry consultant at Jackson Bros Feed lays down some basic guidelines on raising healthy happy birds of your own.   

“From the day that they are hatched, they need to be 95 degrees consistently,” she said.  

Every week after that, go down 5 degrees. But how will I know if they’re getting too chilly?  

“Most people will use a heat lamp. And most people will know if they’re hot or cold,” she said.  “If they’re cold, they’ll be directly under the lamp all huddled up and if they’re too hot, they’ll be as far away as they can get from it.” 

Jackson said there are plenty of options to house them in.   

“You can use a stock tank like the ducks are in. You can use a plastic tote, you can use a dog crate, big cardboard box,” she said. “There’s really a variety of ways you can raise them.” 

But make sure to pay attention to the little things she said.  

“If you have them in something that has a slick surface you need to have shavings down because if you don’t their legs can slip and be damaged,” she said.    

But if all things go to plan and in 5-8 months, you’ll have your very own egg-laying chicken.   

“There are some that can lay up to 300 eggs per year, so you’re not going to get an egg every single day,” she said.  

But in the end, it may not be the egg you’re looking forward too, but an unexpected friendship.   

“A lot of people would testify that having any animal and raising them is therapeutic, so even though you may not get an egg from this bird for 5,6, or 8 months, it’s still going to add value to your life and make your life better,” she said.  

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