ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A father and son-in-law pair are sharing their love of Halloween with the community with an outdoor décor display.

Manuel Vasquez has put his hundreds of decorations up every year for the last nine years, a tradition that started with one simple standee from a cult classic horror movie.

“It started with Michael Myers, then I was hooked. I had to keep collecting,” said Vasquez.

While his home on the 2800 block of South 12th street has been a seasonal staple for nearly a decade, his across-the-street neighbors are giving the Halloween king a run for his money.

“We like to go all out,” said George Reyes, Vasquez’s neighbor.

Reyes is also Vasquez’s son-in-law and has participated in his love for Halloween the past two years – giving the pair a spooky hobby in common.

“I like Halloween a lot and my father in law loves it. It just gives us a strong bond,” said Reyes.

The family comes together to put up each home’s decorations and while the work can take weeks the pair say it’s well worth it to give the community a free and fun chance to be scared.

The displays will be up through October 31 on the 2800 block of South 12th street near Marshall Street. Vasquez encourages anyone to come and view the display as well as trick-or-treat on Halloween night.