ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Scott Beard is known for leading a campaign to make Abilene a sanctuary city for the unborn and is seeking election on the City Council in Place 4. News Director Manny Diaz spoke with Beard about his plans and what he would focus on if elected.

Beard came to Abilene 33 years ago and is a Pastor at senior pastor at Fountain Gate Fellowship Church. He said one of the reasons he wanted to run for City Council is because he felt he was called to.

“I felt in my heart, the Lord just said ‘Look, I’m not sending you just to that church, I’m sending you to a city, and so I have felt that call to our city throughout these years,” Beard said.

In November, Abilene became a sanctuary city for the unborn. Beard was a leading member of the campaign for this ordinance and said when he saw the votes, it was one of the most exhilarating moments for him.

“We saw the city of Abilene step up and it was just one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, to see our city stand up for life, to stand up for righteousness,” Beard expressed.

Beard explained that the city is on some untested ground with the new ordinance, but has seen the effect on other sanctuary cities and plans to stand up for the ordinance if elected.

“Lubbock passed this ordinance in 2021. There’s not been any kind of lawsuit that’s come up in Lubbock. I’ve got a lot of connections in Lubbock and stayed in touch with leaders that have helped get that passed. It’s not to say that it won’t come up.” Beard explained. “It’s not to say that we might find ourselves in a place where this ordinance kicks into gear and at that point, we’re going to stand true to what the ordinance says and what the ordinance allows for us to do in terms that babies are protected in the city.”

Beard added that he is aware of an abortionist in New Mexico that has performed hundreds of abortions. He said if a woman goes there, she is still under the ordinance but no liability can be brought upon her. However, those who aid in the process can face prosecution.

“We’re in touch with a lawyer in New Mexico who has moved from Texas to there and he has aborted hundreds of thousands of babies. I’d love nothing more than for an Abilene resident to go in there and find out and be able to go and get this guy behind bars for what he’s done because he’s murdered so many babies. Our ordinance could catch up and could bring him to justice for what he’s done,” Beard said.

Beard has also focused on infrastructure throughout his campaign. He said he is thankful for his degree in business from Texas Tech as it will help him focus on the city. He specifically wants to work on roads, bridges and other parts of the city he said have been neglected.

“It’s making sure there’s a comprehensive plan and certainly I’d work just as hard as I could along our city council to make sure we’ve got the best plan in place,” Beard explained.

He also plans to incentivize existing businesses in Abilene, not just incoming businesses.

“We’ve got to do something for existing businesses to be willing to offer similar incentives,” Beard expressed.

He said that in a city-wide survey, people are most worried about safety and taxes. In response, Beard wants to help maintain the retention of Abilene’s first responders.

“We want to make sure that we’re providing for them all that they need as a city council, to ensure that they’re getting in their pensions and able to comment and share their hearts with the city council,” Beard explained.

As a pastor of 40 years, Beard said he has the heart of a father and wants to care for the citizens of Abilene.

“There’s a desire in my heart to be a father, to care for people, to make sure the citizens of Abilene are being taken care of and that we’re doing our best as leaders to ensure that they are being represented,” Beard expressed.

Beard will be running against Brian Yates for Place 4 and you can find more information about Beard on his website, Instagram, or on his Facebook page.