ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – In a surprisingly quick turn of events, state and defense both rested Thursday morning in the trial of a father-son duo accused of shooting their alleyway neighbor to death in 2018 over a box spring.

KTAB/KRBC has been continuously covering the trial of Johnnie Dee Miller and his son, Michael. They were arrested and charged in September 2018, accused of shooting Aaron Howard in South Abilene.

The trial began Tuesday, January 24. In the first day, the courts heard accounts from witnesses like Howard’s then fiancé who saw the whole argument between Howard and the Millers unfold. In day two, it was mostly officers with the Abilene Police Department who took the stand.

Thursday, a Taylor County Constable told KTAB/KRBC no witnesses were called that morning. Instead, both state and defense rested their cases.

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