Couple found overdosed on pavement, baby inside hot car

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(WFLA) – A couple is facing child endangering charges, after they apparently overdosed on heroin while their baby was in the back seat of their car.

It happened in a store parking lot in the town of Canton, Ohio on Aug.10.

People driving by noticed that Cody Powell and Michelle Hall were lying on the pavement outside the car when they pulled up. They saw the baby still inside the car and pulled her out. One eyewitness captured the scene of Powell and Hall overdosing on Facebook.

A witness told Stark County Sheriff’s Office deputies that the baby was covered in sweat inside the hot car. The baby was given bottled water after being pulled out.

Police arrived on scene and gave Powell three doses of Narcan.

Powell and Hall were taken to the hospital and the baby was put in the custody of child protective services.

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