AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mexican, English and German are the three largest racial or ethnic groups in Texas, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The agency reported state- and county-level data based on results from the 2020 Census, which found Texas was home to more than 29.1 million people.

The state’s population has since passed 30 million, with July 2022 estimates, released in January, showing 30,029,572 people live in the state.

For the first time, respondents to the census in 2020 who reported “White” as their race could write in additional detail, such as “English,” “Italian” or “Irish.”

Nationwide, more than 46.6 million people said they had English ethnicity alone or in combination with another group, while 45 million said German and 38.6 million said Irish.

Those three groups also had the highest totals in Texas, when Hispanics or Latinos are excluded. More than 3.5 million people living in Texas said they had English ethnicity, while roughly 2.6 million said German and almost 2.2 million said Irish.

African Americans had the fourth-largest share of the state’s population, with 2.1 million people, according to the data. Two Asian ethnicities also appear in the top 10: Indian and Vietnamese.

Those claiming Mexican ethnicity constitute a much larger portion of the state’s population, with more than 9 million people. Almost 450,000 people in Texas claimed “Hispanic” ethnicity, while 330,000 said they were Salvadoran.

Based on census estimates, there are now more Hispanic people living in Texas than white people. Estimates released last year showed Hispanic Texans made up 40.2% of the state’s population in 2021, compared to 39.4% for non-Hispanic white Texans.