HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) – Lights out, Texas! The Houston Audubon is recommending that buildings three stories and higher, and those with exterior lighting turn their lights out tonight and tomorrow night from the hours of 11pm to 6am. The peak of the Fall bird migration will be occurring at this time. Over 23,000 birds will be travelling over our region during this time. They may even stop to take a break here in town! The full Fall migration lasts from August 15th -November 30th. The critical peak in the Fall migration is September 5th – October 29th. 

When you turn off your light at night, you dramatically decrease the risk of birds becoming distracted or disoriented on their journey. The light attracts them, steering them off their path, and putting them in harm’s way. Hundreds of millions of birds are lost every year due to building collisions. One of the biggest causes of this is light pollution.  

The result of participating in this initiative is: saving energy, saving money, and saving bird lives! (Perhaps if we all participate, we can see a few extra stars in the sky as well!