ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Hours after Big Country Homepage published an article based on documents employees submitted against former Abilene Police Chief Marcus Dudley’s performance, the former chief spoke out to defend his character.

At least eight employees filed complaints or official grievances against Dudley during his two years of service, which began in January 2021 and lasted through March 2023.

The section below includes Dudley’s statement to KTAB/KRBC in its entirety:

I have been made aware that, because of an Open Records Request by the news media, documents have been provided, including the release of grievances leveled against me and the separation agreement I initiated with City Manager, Robert Hanna.
When I first learned of the grievances after two years of exceptional feedback from my superiors and key community leaders about my stellar service, I was troubled that, suddenly, I was being compelled to defend myself from personal attacks made against me. I addressed each concern that was presented to our city manager to the satisfaction that no sustained findings of violations occurred, and as such, I was told that the grievances would not become a part of my employment records. Months later, with no findings of wrongdoing and outside the realm of due process, I am having to respond to these meritless /unfounded accusations.
Despite my demonstrated commitment to advancing the department and serving our community, it became clear in March that I would continue to face relentless challenges, including further attacks on my character. For this reason, I initiated a separation agreement with the city manager to preserve my interests, as well as that of city leadership and our great citizens. Even today, as I sifted through the documents that were submitted and released publicly, it is evident that a vindictive and biased investigative approach was self-initiated by some individuals to besmirch my name. This has taken a considerable toll on me personally, and professionally, as I now must defend against questions about my abilities and my integrity when my job performance showed that both are beyond reproach.
As I have previously stated when I resigned my position, I feel blessed to have served our department and the citizens of Abilene, and my family and I love this community. While the break in service has reinvigorated my passion for service to the community, I feel there are opportunities I must explore, and I look to my faith to guide me in what comes beyond this.

The City of Abilene also released a statement, saying they “conducted a thorough investigation of the complaints and grievances made against Chief Dudley, and none were sustained. 

When Chief Dudley expressed a desire to discuss a separation agreement, Mr. Hanna discussed the terms of Chief Dudley’s separation agreement with the City Council in executive session on March 9, 2023 and then moved forward with the implementation of an agreement to separate Chief Dudley based on mutual agreement. 

The City of Abilene wishes peace, and all good things for Marcus Dudley and his family.”

Big Country Homepage has released part one of this two-part report, which can be found here. He received a separation agreement from the city, which will be outlined in the second installment of this report and will be published soon.