SNYDER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Residents in Snyder are dealing with another round of severe weather just hours after a massive storm dropped softball size hail into car windshields and windows.

James and Ruby Zohar made saved a few pieces of the hail to show our crews when they arrived in Snyder Monday.

The two said it was proof of the storm, but after the ice melted, the real proof was left outside their front door.

“Oh, we were devastated,” Ruby said. “Every one of our vehicles got windows broken. Body damage, it was not good.”

Ruby said the storm rolled into town around 8:00 Sunday night and the sounds were hard to ignore.

“It just kept going, ‘pow, pow, pow,’ constantly,” said Ruby.

“The way it sounded when you get in a car accident real bad, that’s the way it sounded, like when you get in the vehicle,” said James Zohar.

James was on his way home from work when the storm started.

“It seemed like it took forever,” he said. “My first hit was right here at the top, and it just shattered the window instantly.”

He said his car wasn’t the only one he was worried about though, as he had two more cars at home.

“I ran outside and I had to grab blankets and started covering the car and the truck. And as you can see, it was a little too late,” James said.

James and Ruby say they don’t have full coverage insurance so it will cost them about $5,000 to repair.