ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A study shows that nearly $350 million is needed to fix Abilene roads because they are in overall poor condition.

The City of Abilene hired a third party company, Fugro, to assess the condition of all roads in the Abilene network.

Fugro conducted the survey in September and October, using a data collection system to grade all 1,396 lane miles of roadway on pavement condition from a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being completely failed and 100 being perfect.

These scores then put the roads into a range of good, satisfactory, fair, poor, very poor, serious, or failed.

Overall, Abilene’s Road Network Inventory received a score of 46, which is in the poor range of 40-54.

This score varies between three main road types in Abilene network – arterial roads, which are long roads with few access points that direct traffic away from property with typical speed limits of 50-70 miles per hour, local roads, which are most roads in city limits, designed to provide access to residences, businesses, farms, and more with typical speed limits of 20-40 miles per hour, and collector roads, which are shorter roads designed to connect local roads to arterial roads with typical speed limits of 35-55 miles per hour.

Abilene’s arterial roads are in the best condition, with only 49% of them falling into the ‘poor’ category or worse. 58% of collector roads are in the ‘poor’ or worse categories.

75% of local roads are graded in at least ‘poor’ condition, and one third of Abilene’s local roads are in the ‘serious’ or ‘failed’ categories.

As a part of the survey, Fugro also provided insight on how the roads needed to be maintained, rehabilitated, or reconstructed to keep their condition from failing ever more.

An estimated $343.3 million is needed over the next 10 years for these projects, with an estimated $292 million for rehabilitation and reconstruction needed as soon as possible.

If the City continues with their current amount of street funding, Abilene’s roads are estimated to degrade by an average of 10 points, putting them into the ‘very poor’ category overall.

It’s currently unknown how exactly the City is planning to secure the funding, but there will be a discussion and public hearing on the issue during the Street Advisory Board Meeting Thursday night.

City staff will also continue to plan for the future by determining the best way to use any funding that does become available as well as updating citizens on road conditions and keeping up with repairs as needed.

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