Summertime Sun Exposure In West Texas

“It doesn’t take much to get sun damage in Abilene,” says local dermatologist, James Landero.

Summer is quickly approaching which means that sun exposure is inevitable.

“It takes five or ten minutes. Unless you stay locked in your room you get the sun exposure,” says Landero.

Recreational days aren’t the only days you need to protect your skin though. So, take it from Waylan Jackson.

“I apply sunscreen any time that I plan to be out for any extended amount of time, more than a couple of hours. I make sure I get my nose and my ears covered and any exposed skin,” says Jackson.

Jackson sees a lot of farmers and ranchers who are proof of the harm that longterm sun exposure can have.

“I have a lot of customers that do spend a lot of time outdoors working or outside activities and I think that they are more susceptible. Of course some of the older fellows, I think maybe didn’t know or have access to sunscreens and other ways of protection in the past. I always wear a cap or a hat when I go outside because I want some kind of protection,” says Jackson.

For those who do choose to go for the sunscreen or wear a longer shirt, there are still ways to get the vitamin d.

“I always recommend anyone that wears sunscreen to take a supplement of vitamin d, one to two thousand units a day. They make some gummies now that are very good, because that is one of the side effects of wearing sunscreen,” says Landero.

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