Sweetwater, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The ninth annual food drive hosted by the United States Gypsum Company (USG), benefited the Nolan County food bank. This year, the food drive provided over 41,000 pounds of food. Employees at USG invest their own time and money to feed families in Nolan County and Sweetwater in need.

Phil Baucom, USG employee, said he has been to the food drive since its inception. He said he helps out because it is the right thing to do and people should share. Baucom went on to say that if you are able to help out, whether its donating funds or volunteering your time, you should do it. The 41,888 pounds of food is enough to stock up the Nolan County Food Pantry for about a year.

“It was empty, [but] it will be full overflowing after today,” Baucom expressed.

Jimmie Bender, former employee and volunteer, said that now is the time for the community of Nolan County to come together and help one another. With inflation and many dealing with financial hardships, Iit can be difficult for families to stretch limited funds.

“You go to the store and you have to look. You get a bill or something of $75 or $100 something and you look at your sack and say what did I buy,” Bender explained.

USG said they look forward to it being November every year for the food drive. Employees plan to try to one up themselves and raise more pounds of food every year.