ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Holiday traditions, we know them and have them. For some, that tradition is cooking. Hope Kellam always had a passion for cooking and as a mom of five boys, she enjoys cooking homemade meals made with love. This year, she decided to learn how to make tamales.

“Seeing different family members cooking them, making them, and I’ve always liked tamales but I’ve always gotten intimidated by people saying it was a very lengthy process and it was very difficult,” Kellam explained.

After some trial and error, and even watching some tutorials on TikTok, Hope decided to call in some backup. Her mother, Gloria Tafoya, who learned how to make tamales from her uncle.

“I think tamales is one of the things that make Christmas. They had all the older kids, you know, in a line an assembly line. We did the masa rolling you know,” expressed Tafoya.

Now Gloria is passing on that tradition to her daughter Hope.

“With my five boys, it’s something that I want to bring into our home again, because a lot of our elders have passed away that would be teaching us that stuff. So now that I’m learning, I’m hoping to pop that back into our family, so our kids maybe pass it on to their kids and start it all over again,” shared Kellam.

They encouraged others to embrace their holiday traditions no matter what it is, because that is the real gift.

“Food brings us together, but tamales for some reason, is like the ultimate gift,” said Tafoya.