TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Starting Friday, Taylor County residents can be better protected from property fraud with a new alert system.

Residents will have access to a free Property Fraud Protection Alert service.

In a press release, the county said this access to a free Property Fraud Protection Alert service will tell residents if their homes or land become targets of potential theft.

“I am extremely excited to present this new, free service to our taxpayers as title theft is on the rise, and the prospect of people losing their most treasured assets- their homes- keeps them up at night worrying,” Taylor County Clerk Brandi DeRemer wrote.

The clerk’s office will monitor the names of those who register for the online subscription service to track possible fraudulent records that can affect their property. If the name provided is used in any recording activities within the clerk’s office, users will receive a notification.

DeRemer noted, “Property Fraud Alert over the last year has been the number one most requested service of my office from constituents.” 

Follow this link to sign up for the Property Fraud Alert service.

“The entire process takes about five minutes but can provide a lifetime’s worth of peace of mind for families,” added DeRemer.

The threat of identity theft has increased over time, and many victims are unaware that their homes or identities have been stolen. The Taylor County Clerk’s Office said it recorded 24,719 records in 2022.