TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – If there’s one thing Texans are known for it may be that they’re not shy about their opinions. Just one look at lawn signs could tell you that. But as election day nears, Taylor county Republican chair Chris Carnohan and Taylor County Democrat vice chair Joey Devora both agree that true democracy must be about more than just lip service.

“For every person that is at home saying, ‘well my vote doesn’t matter,’ just think about it,” Devora requested. “There’s hundreds of thousands of people in the city that are most likely thinking the same thing.”

“The November eighth midterm election is the chance to do something about that. Complaining won’t do anything,” urged Carnohan. “Voting is what will change things.”

The common ground between the opposite parties is why the Taylor County Democratic party felt led to hold a voter registration drive at its headquarters Tuesday. That drive will run from 9:00 a.m. through midnight, and it’s located at 141 South Leggett Drive.

Tuesday is the last day Texas voters can register before the November midterm. Both parties want to clarify that registering at the Democratic party-hosted event will not effect how you vote.

“This is a non-partisan event… You don’t have to pledge allegiance to either party. This is for non registered voters to have a chance to vote before the deadline,” Devora explained.

Carnohan explained, “Texas has this strange little approach to that. You do not register as any party member [in a midterm election]. You register as a Texas citizen to vote.”

According to County Elections Administrator Freda Reagan, registrations have been on par with previous years. 85,664 voters were registered as of October 10; a much higher figure than the 82,482 registered as of November of 2021. But average when accounting for population increase.

Even so, both parties say their interactions with voters have them anticipating a higher voter participation in the upcoming November election.

“We’ve manned a booth out at the West Texas fair for years, and this year’s booth visitors were fired up,” said Carnohan. “They’re ready to vote.”

“We have seen a lot of interest- an uptick of people wanting to vote here lately,” Devora described.

Whether you have registered before or not, check your registration status on the Texas Secretary of State Website to ensure you can cast your vote in on November 8 or during early voting, which begins in two weeks.