Editor’s Note: Watch the video above to view the entire town hall meeting Beto O’Rourke hosted in Abilene the afternoon of Tuesday, August 16.

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Texas Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke addressed a crowd of hundreds at a standing-room-only town hall meeting in Abilene Tuesday afternoon.

He began speaking at the event center at 201 Mesquite Street just after noon, marking the 3rd stop in Abilene since his campaign began in November of last year.

During the town hall, O’Rourke gave his stance on key issues to his campaign, saying he wants women to have the ability to make decisions about their own bodies, he plans to give educators more money and respect, he wants to expand Medicaid, and he wants to ensure the best jobs are created and retained in all parts of Texas.

O’Rourke also discussed immigration, school safety, gun control, and his plans to fix the power grid, inflation, and cannabis reform.

He then addressed why he keeps coming to Taylor County, even though he says it’s “glowing red from outer space as it orbits the Earth.”

“I will never stop fighting for you here in Taylor County – it doesn’t matter how you vote,” O’Rourke explains.

He says that he plans to be governor for every single person in Texas, regardless of their political affiliation or personal bias.

The town hall ended with a lively Question and Answer section with members of the audience. Watch the video above to view the discussion in its entirety.