Tech help for those families choosing online learning for students



As some families are getting ready to buy laptops or tablets for their students to do online learning, Your Way Computer Tech Team company owner, Andrew Way, says you may not need to buy new.
“A lot of times, we’re running out and buying a new device. You need someone to look at the computer and evaluate it,” says Andrew Way.
But if you choose to, he says consider adding extra memory space.
“As cheap as it is, I would just go with the maximum your hardware will allow,” says Andrew Way.
AISD will be offering online or in person learning and for those e-learners says AISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr Dan Dukes.
“One of the things that we are asking our families to do is to, if they have the means to be able to provide their own remote learning functional device and functional wifi,” says Dukes.
And when choosing the right option for your student, if you’re considering buying a mac, Andrew Way debunks the myth that mac laptops don’t get viruses.
“Macs make up a smaller percent than actually window computers, PC’s, so that inherently makes them less susceptible because there not as big a target,” says Andrew Way.
He says that they are less likely too, but it’s still possible.
“Windows computers comes with defender software that’s already on it,” says Andrew Way.
For those who can’t provide their own laptop the school has a solution.
“We certainly will work with our families of students who are on free and reduced lunch to ensure that they also have a device and we will be contacting them for those who students who do select remote learning,” says Dukes.
AISD has roughly 93 hundred chrome books for students and are in the process of trying to get an additional 3 thousand more.

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