(CISCO, TX) – The City of Cisco is taking on another innovative project by becoming the first place in West Texas to build an electric car charging station.

The owner of the Flying J Truckstop, Zack Kassem, has signed a contract with the Tesla motor company who will begin building the station next month.

Kassem says he’s building the charging station because, “this is the future. [In] the future, they’re all going to be hybrid and electric cars. It’s our competition, you might say, but environmental wise, this is the future.”

The charging station will be free for customers with electric cars, but it will bring money into the Cisco economy. It will be the only charging station between Dallas/Ft. Worth and Midland/Odessa, so it will encourage motorists to stop in Cisco.

John Deer with the Cisco Economic Development Corporation further explains how the Tesla station will help the local economy, saying “a lot of smaller communities are really struggling to continue a good growth pattern, and we get real aggressive when we have the opportunity to bring someone in. I think Zack can tell you we tried really hard to work with him and make this attractive, and it worked. It worked for Zack and us. It’s very beneficial to the community to create new jobs and the sales tax, which we receive a portion of, is very helpful to us.”

The station should be available for use by May if everything goes according to plan.