Texas family searches for missing pet monkey


GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK/CNN) — Texas police are asking for help in the bizarre case of a missing monkey.

They say the primate is injured and on the loose, and its owners are lying about what happened.

The monkey has been missing for 24 hours after it was hit by a car on Broadway Avenue in Galveston.

Since then, neighbors have been on the lookout.

“I’m not scared of the monkey. I have, I guess, kind of kept an eye. I’m curious since it’s in this area,” says neighbor Rebecca Popland.

Officers say the monkey lived near the 1800 block of Broadway Avenue where it was hit.

Although police haven’t caught it, they’re certain it’s out there.

“There’s definitely a monkey. We know there’s a monkey. We just don’t know where the monkey is,” said Lt. Joel Caldwell, Galveston Police.

Part of the reason they’re struggling is because of issues with the owner.

The pet’s owner said the monkey was killed and buried in the back yard.

The police were told this as well.

“We’ve investigated that, and it doesn’t appear that that’s the case. That was one of the stories that we received this morning. Our investigation revealed that was not the case,” Lt. Caldwell says.

Officers say the owner called police shortly after the report of a monkey being hit on Broadway Avenue, saying the monkey had escaped during a home burglary.

Police say the owner is looking at a misdemeanor charge, as primates are illegal on the island.

Officers say they deal with around four wild animal cases a year.

With a possibly injured monkey this time roaming Galveston streets, they’re hoping, as well as neighbors, it gets caught and treated soon.

“You should be more careful with it. Keep in rooms that it can’t get out. Even if its a break-in you should make sure your animal is secure no matter what,” says Popland.

The missing Capuchin monkey is named lilly.

Police want anyone who sees her to call them immediately.

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