ABILENE. Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Some students in rural school districts are with no internet access—one of the many trials schools are facing during Covid. 

A candidate for Texas House of Representatives, district 60, Glenn Rodgers is talking to all the superintendents in his district to find out their needs.

“Were very interested in what we can do to improve rural education,” said Rodgers.

To learn, Rodgers is taking what he is calling a ‘learning tour.’

“Were trying to get to as many super intendents and school districts as we can to learn what the issues are,” said Rodgers.

And as a first time politician, Rodgers realizes that he’ll need people on his team to help him create future legislation.

“There’s no way, it’s like drinking from a fire hose, I mean there’s so much to know” 

Which is why he hopes this tour will create relationships with lasting superintendents.

“I haven’t had a conversation with any superintendent that they’re not concerned about some students potentially falling through the cracks,” said Rodgers.

And along the way he’s learned that Wi-Fi accessibility has been one of the biggest issues.

“It increases the disparity with lower socioeconomic students, when they can’t have access to internet,” said Rodgers.  

Luckily for Eula ISD Taylor Telecom has stepped up to provide some families with internet access.

“So, any of their kids that needed internet, they didn’t currently have it, if they were low income, we did it for free, if not we did it for reduced rate,” said Paul Beale, community relations agent with Taylor Telecom.

Beale says Taylor Telecom was able to service 50-80 homes in the area with internet access.

The superintendent of Eula, Tim Kelley says he is happy to work with not only Taylor Telecom, but with Glenn Rodgers 

“Austin is a big place, and to personally come to your school district ad your campus and see what you’re actually doing then it makes a big difference.” 

For more information on Rodgers campaign and platform, click on the link.