Texas man says voices led him to church assault


SAN ANTONIO (KABB) — A man claimed to hear voices that told him to destroy Catholic property and assault Catholics, and San Antonio police say that’s what he did.

On Oct. 10, Derrick Wolford barged into a Catholic Church, attacked two men, and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.

“I knew that something bad was fixin’ to happen. I didn’t have any idea that he would start striking people in the church,” says Tom, who was assaulted that day.

It was not long after noon mass at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church when it happened.

Tom, 61, and about four others had stuck around to pray when they say 33-year-old Derrick Wolford barged in yelling.

“There was a violent tone to what he was saying. ‘I’m a prophet, a federal agent.’ Just some negative things about the Catholic Church,” Tom says.

Tom says Wolford headed straight for the altar and threw some candles, along with a statue of Our Lady of Guadeloupe on the floor.

“And at that time I approached him. I don’t know if I put any hands on him or not. But he at that point, knocked me to the pew. And then he proceeded to stomp on Our Lady of Guadeloupe’s face.”

According to his arrest warrant, Wolford then walked over to an 81-year-old man sitting in one of the pews.

“He’s angry, and he goes over there and he hits him in the face.”

Tom had followed Wolford out of the church to make sure he didn’t get away.

“He turned around and just rushed me and started to pummel me,” Tom says.

Tom says he has no doubt they were targeted specifically because of their religion.

“There are certain things that are associated with the Catholic Church, and certainly Mary is one of them. And so I feel that he was targeting the Catholic Church for sure. He picked this one out because he didn’t like it, but everybody should be offended,” Tom says.

Wolford is being charged with felony injury to the elderly.

His bond is set at $30,000.

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