ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Texas’ oldest marching band is making history. For the first time ever, the band at Abilene High School will be led by a woman. Amber Moore has been Head Band Director at Mann Middle School for four years, but this is an all new feat.

“I’m really excited to now be the name of getting to push through the barriers here at Abilene, and show what a woman can do,” Moore elated.

In Moore’s new role, she will lead the Eagle Band and occasionally teach middle school band.

“So, I get to play an active role in both of my feeder middle schools – both Craig and Mann. So, I will be teaching on both campuses, I’ll get to interact with kids for seven years now,” said Moore.

Eighth grader, Jude Olsson has been in Moore’s class since the sixth grade. He said he is excited to continue to learn from her, and he plans to join the Eagle Band next year.

“I was like, ‘I’m so excited,’ because Mrs. Moore, I mean… She taught me everything I know. She is the person, she’s the one that taught me. She’s just amazing at everything she does,” Jude vouched for the band director.

Alanna Curley, Associate Director of Bands at Abilene High School told KTAB/KRBC she met Moore when she was a student teacher at Mann. Years later, she now works for the Eagle Band, and next year, she will work as Moore’s assistant.

“I’m super excited for her to be at Abilene High,” beamed Curley. “I can’t say enough nice things about her. Now that she’s going to be on our campus, I know that I’m going to continue to learn a lot from her, and our kids are going to flourish under her direction.”

Band is more than just playing music, according to Moore. She said she helps guide students in learning how to express themselves and work as a team.

“Music is, yes, what I teach. But it’s also how I teach,” Moore added. “I’m really fortunate that I get the opportunity to teach life skills to kids every day with a medium that is just so special.”

Moore said she looks forward to the 2023-2024 school year and beyond. Working with what she calls the best staff within Abilene ISD, she said she’s already gotten to jump on board in her new role at the end of this semester.